The Brand Marque Story

As our name suggests, we’re in the business of making brands stand out from the crowd.

We’re not a traditional advertising agency. Rather, we cater to our clients’ business and marketing objectives. And these days, that covers a very broad spectrum.

We deliver Brand Stories that deliver a clear brand positioning. A positioning that can be uniquely owned in any product or services category.

We then build brands and creatively communicate their stories across multiple communication platforms.

Brand identity. Packaging. Advertising (in the broadest sense). Web Design. Digital. Social. POS. Sales Promotions. Public Relations.

It’s a relatively simple business model brought to life by a tight team of seasoned professionals who effectively combine experience with pragmatism. And whilst most of us can wear multiple hats, there are times when we team up with category experts who partner with us to help deliver our client stories.

Brand Marque was launched in January 2004 and is owned 100% by Peter Morris who is both Managing Director and Creative Director.