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Supamart is Sydney’s newest supermarket brand catering to a broad demographic landscape where everyday basic essentials are complemented by a diverse and superior specialist foods offer. Brand Marque developed the Brand Story and subsequent positioning to lay the foundations for a brand that will be realised in numerous locations throughout Sydney. Brand Marque has developed and designed the store graphic palette and all marketing templates from counter cards to digital elements.

Client: Supamart
Category: Branding

Fruit & Veg Bulk Head Illustrations

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Fresh Produce Brand Poster

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Cheese Bar Ceiling Illustrations

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Meat & Chicken Bulk Head Illustrations

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Special & Half Price Signage

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Green Love Brand Poster

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Everyday Value Signage

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Deli Brand Poster

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Red Love Brand Poster

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Multi Savings Signage

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Silver Beet Mood Poster

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Strawberries Mood Poster

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Cheese Brand Poster

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