It's about bringing
your brand to life

from strategy to street

From strategy to street. It’s a phrase that best sums up what we do at Brand Marque.

So what does it mean?
For our clients it means an approach to their brand that considers every phase in the marketing communications cycle – from planning to selling... and beyond.

It means that the planning process considers the role for each communication channel based on the customer’s requirements. It’s about bringing your brand to life.

Advertising to establish brand impact, to build personality and be there when it matters.

Trade market and merchandising for ‘push’.
Promotion and events for impact and customer involvement.

Store presentation and point of sale to reinforce the brand message and secure the sale.

Database planning and direct marketing to stay in touch and open new avenues.

Online brand and business creation. We create digital tools, online environments and creative campaigns. We believe in digitally centric ideas – start online and support offline. We have strong methodologies to support our offering – these adapt and grow for each client as no two are the same.

It means you’ll find experienced people you wouldn’t expect in a brand agency... like channel marketing experts, direct marketing specialists and digital plus, of course, the creative, account management and media production services.

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